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OADM(Optical Add / Drop Multiplexer) is based on thin film filter technology and metal bonding
micro optics packaging. We provide high quality OADM with flexible channel configuration,
low insertion loss and high isolation. It is designed to add or drop a particular wavelength and is
ideal for telecommunication and network.
  - Telecommunition network
- CATV System
- Premise System

- Compact design & High density accommodation ( Max 16 Module )
- Various connector type & 1 X 2, 1 X 3,1 X 4 configuration available


Optical Coupler Distribution Frame
 Module capacity(EA) Max.16
 Module dimension 20(W)X100(H)X175(D)
 OCDF dimension 483(W)X176(H)X280(D)


 Output Adapter type  SC, FC, ST, LC, MU
 Input Adapter type  SC, FC, ST, LC, MU
 Q'ty per Configuration  1~16
 Configuration 1:1x2, 2:1x3, 3:1x4, 4:Blank Panel
Optical Coupler Disribution Frame