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OADM(Optical Add / Drop Multiplexer) is based on thin film filter technology and metal bonding
micro optics packaging. We provide high quality OADM with flexible channel configuration,
low insertion loss and high isolation. It is designed to add or drop a particular wavelength and is
ideal for telecommunication and network.
  - Dense WDM System
- CATV Fiber optic Link
- Optical Switches
- Fiber Amplifier System


- 200GHz and 100GHz Channel Spacing
- High Channel Isolation
- Low Insertion Loss
- Epoxy-Free Optical Path


Parameter Specification
 Channels 1510/1530/1550/1570
 Center wavelength ITU Grid, C-Band, L-Band
 Channel Spacing 20nm
 Passband @ 0.5dB Max, ±8nm
 Insertion Loss Max, 0.6dB
 Adjacent Channel Isolation Min,10(Add),25(Drop)
 Non-Adjacent Channel Isolation Min,25(Add),40(Drop)
Min 55dB
 Optical Input Return Loss
Min 55dB
 Polarization Dependent Loss
Max 0.1dB
 Polarization Mode Dispersion
Max 0.1ps
 Thermal Stability
Max 0.005dB/°C
 Thermal Stability Drift
Max 0.002nm/°C
 Optical Power
Max 250mW
 Tensile Load
Min 5N
 Storage Temperature
-45°C to +85°C
 Operating Temperature
-20°C to +65°C
 Package Dimension
A:85(L) X 17.5(W) X 10(H)

 Output length  1~99m
 Polishing  SPC, UPC, APC
 Input length  1~99m
 Connector  SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, D4
 Package type  L : for Loose tube(0.9mm)
 A : for Cord(2.4mm)
 Configuration 1:1510, 2:1530, 3:1550, 4:1570
Optical Add Drop Multiplexer