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   2. MPO Patch Cords



  - CATV Network
- Telecommunication Network
- FTTx
  - High Performance in IL & RL
- 4, 8, 12 and 24 fiber connector terminations and assemblies
- Economical solution for mass-termination of fiber
- Suitable for MPO/MTP application
Characteristics Conditions Multi mode
500 matings
Operating Temperature
Core Diameter 9/125μm 50/125μm or 62.5/125μm
Insertion Loss typical <0.3dB <0.3dB
Insertion Loss Maximum <0.75dB <0.5dB
Return Loss PC  

Length m


M : Male
F : Female
Core No 4, 8, 12, 24
Fiber SM, MM, HMM(62.5/125μm)
Cable F : Flat type (Ribbon cord)
R : Round type (Loose cord)
Optical Multi Patch Cord