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현장 조립형 커넥터

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현장 조립형 커넥터
[현장 조립형 커넥터]
1. 현장 조립형 커넥터


 - Fast & Easy connection in the field
- Maximization of work efficiency in a narrow space
- Possible to control the length of patch cord in the field


  Items  Specifications
  Connectors  SC / PC, APC
  LC / PC, APC
  Optical Fiber   SM : Single Mode(9/125um)
  MM : Multi Mode (50/125), HMM : 62.5/125um
  Optical Cord   0.9mm / 2.0mm / 3.0mm


Optical Charac-teristicInsertion Loss
PC / APC <0.3dB<0.5dB
Return LossPC   >50
APC-  >55
Envirionmental TestCycles for Temperature-40°C~75°C (±2°C)
Total 21 cycles : 168 hrs.
1 cycle : 8 hours
Humidity Test75°C (±2°C)
RH 90~95%
96 hours
 Cord dia 0.9mm, 2mm, 3mm


 Con. Type


 Optical Fiber  SM, MM, HMM

 Field Assembly Optical Connector