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 - Inside Plant to be connected each Pach cables.
- FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) applications. Wall mount type.
- Fiber-To-The-Curb and before the MDU.

- Optical Outlet can accommodate up to 8 ports.
- Compact Size
- Accommodates PLC Splitter with optional Splitter Tray.
- Reduced installations time, guaranteed bend radius protections.
- Durable and scratch resistant.


Test Items
Temp / Humidity Test
 Durations : -40~75℃(RH 80%)
 Temp Cycle : 8hr / Cycles, 5days
 1.None scratch on the surface.
 2.Door should be closed & open easily
Vibrations Test
 Durations : 10miniues
 Peak : 10~55~10Hz 0.35㎜
 Times : 1hours X.Y.Z
 Each Direction : 20Minitues
 1.None disconnection, bending, deformity
  forthe Optical Device.
 2.None the loose for joint Points.