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Optical Society of America - OSA (http://www.osa.org)

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Optical Society of Korea (http://www.osk.or.kr)

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea (http://www.leek.or.kr)

BK21 (http://www.bk21.or.kr)

Ministry of Science & Technology (http://www.most.go.kr)

Korea Institute of Science and Technology (http://www.kist.re.kr)

Korea Electronics Technology Institute (http://www.keti.re.kr)

Korea Institute of Industrial Economics & Trade (http://www.kiet.re.kr)

Korea Industrial Technology Association - KJTA (http://kita.technet.or.kr)

Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (http://www.kosefkita.re.kr )

University Industrial Technology Force (http://plaza.snu.ac.kr/~unitef)

Korea Basic Science Institute (http://www.kbsi.re.kr)